Intensive and Critical Care Medicine e-book


The book is designed to make you fit for the management of critically ill patients (among other things of  COVID-19 patients) in the intensive care unit. It contains all topics of critical care medicine (airway management, ventilation principles and ventilation techniques, weaning, tracheotomy, chest tube [thoracic drainage], analgosedation, catecholamine therapy, hemodynamic monitoring, shock, nutrition, resuscitation, sepsis, ECMO, acute kidney injury, renal replacement therapy, acute coronary syndrome, cardiogenic shock, extracorporeal circulatory support, cardiac arrhythmias, inflammatory heart diseases [endocarditis, myocarditis, pericarditis], hypertensive crisis, pulmonary embolism, acute aortic syndrom, ARDS, pulmonary hypertension, acute right heart failure, obstructive lung diseases [status asthmaticus, exacerbated COPD], interstitial lung diseases, bronchial hemorrhage), gastrointestinal bleeding, acute pancreatitis, gastrointestinal atony, complications of liver cirrhosis, acute liver failure, acute mesenteric ischemia, pneumonia, multi-drug-resistant organisms, skin and soft tissue infections, fungal infections (mycoses), malaria, endocrinological emergencies, disorders of the electrolytes, disorders of the acid-base balance, blood products, DIC, hyerfibrinolysis, HIT, ITP, thrombotic microangiopathies, oncological emergencies, stroke, intracranial hemorrhage, status epilepticus, meningitis, brain death (irreversible loss of brain function), organ donation, neuromuscular diseases, crises in movement disorders, toxicology, electrical / drowning / diving accidents, hypothermia, hyperthermia (heat stroke), major trauma, burns, ethics & law and also a separate detailed chapter on COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2).


Available as e-book (high-quality pdf mit 1,1 GB). The picture shows a conceptual visualization of the digital product.

3rd English edition of the complete book (last update February 2023)

ISBN: 978-3-00-066099-3

1800 pages, 2002 figures, 378 tables




Author: Dr. med. Volker Herold

  • training as an internist and cardiologist
  • additional designation emergency medicine
  • senior emergency physician in the emergency medical service (specialist certificate)
  • senior physician of Clinic for Internal Medicine, St. Joseph Hospital Regensburg / Germany
  • head of the compact course in intensive care medicine

Intensive and Critical Care Medicine E-Book

  • practical presentation for the clinician (“from practitio­ner for practitioner”)
  • textbook and reference book
  • no multi-author book (“made from one piece”)
  • ideal for the preparation for the exam in Intensive Care Medicine
  • everything compact and clear for daily work in the in­tensive care unit
  • didactically clearly structured
  • The book conveys the latest and current status in Intensive and Critical Care Medicine.
  • Numerous illustrations, schemes and memos are intended to make reading and learning easier.
  • Among all ICU books bestseller Lehmanns Media in Germany since 2017